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In Online Motion Planning Over Uneven Terrain with Walking Primitives and Regression periodic walking primitives are concatenated in order to traverse a terrain with steps. Each primitive corresponds to walking with a specific stride length and height. When there is not any walking primitive to match the terrain variation, a regression methodology is employed and a suitable walking motion is designed online.


In Cooperative Swinging of Complex Pendulum-like Objects: Experimental Evaluation model-based controllers for human-robot joint energy injection into pendulum-like objects are experimentally verified. This work takes a first step towards human-robot cooperative dynamic object manipulation to enable human-robot teams to manipulate bulky and flexible objects.  Additional material and videos can be found here



In Hierarchical Robustness Approach for Nonprehensile Catching of Rigid Objectsthe task of catching is devided into three levels: Choice of a catching strategy at the top level, motion planner to produce smooth trajectories in the middle and robust tracking control to deal with modeling errors at the lowest level. The video shows simulation results followed by an experiment showing a direct and an indirect catch of a planar, non-circular object.


Cooperative swinging of unknown pendulum-like objects is achieved through the combination of an energy based swing-up controller and reinforcement learning. The video shows human-robot swinging experiments that were conducted for the conference article Cooperative suspended object manipulation using reinforcement learning and energy-based control to be presented at IROS 2014.



Using an elastic beam for dynamic object manipulation on an air hockey table. The video shows the experiments conducted for the conference article Resonance-driven dynamic manipulation: dribbling and juggling with elastic beam presented at ICRA 2014.



Works on dynamic object manipulation: nonprehensile throwing of non circular objects on an inclined air hockey table. The video shows experiments conducted for the conference article Optimal Control Goal Manifolds for Planar Nonprehensile Throwing presented at IROS 2013.




Cooperative human-robot object swinging as an example of a cooperative dynamic manipulation task. The video shows a part of the virtual reality experiment conducted for  the conference article Human-Robot Cooperative Object Swinging presented at ICRA 2013.



Early works on socially acceptable navigation in dynamic environments at the Institute of Automatic Control Engineering. Socially inspired motion planning for human approach:


Early works on dynamic manipulation at the Institute of Automatic Control Engineering. Direct and indirect catching of a basketball with a plate endeffector:



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